Capitalism, imperialism and class: concepts fundamental to a critical public health (2018)

This paper (pre-print here) and published in Critical Public Health (here) started out as a review of Howard Waitzkin's recent book (below) but developed from there.  It has ended up as a reflection on four recent publications: 

  • Waitzkin, H., & Working Group on Health Beyond Capitalism (Eds.). (2018). Health care under the knife: moving beyond capitalism for our health. New York: Monthly Review Press.
  • Holt-Giménez, E. (2017). A foodie’s guide to capitalism: understanding the political economy of what we eat New York: Monthly Review Press and Food First Books.
  • Smith, J. (2016). Imperialism in the twenty-first century: globalization, super-exploitation, and capitalism's final crisis New York: Monthly Review Press.
  • People’s Health Movement, Medact, Third World Network, Health Poverty Action, Medico International, & ALAMES (Eds.). (2017). Global Health Watch 5: An alternative world health report (Vol. 5). London Zed Books.

Actually, I also draw heavily on Robinson, W. I. (2004). A Theory of Global Capitalism: Production, Class, and State in a Transnational World Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press.