Political economy for health

The 'Key Terms' project envisages an annotated glossary of key terms in the political economy of health (current draft here).

We have identified a number of key terms which could be covered in the proposed glossary. We have draft entries for a few of these. 

The outcome of the project would be an accessible, browsable resource which would support health practitioners in exploring the relevance of political economy to their work.  Critical aspects of the design would be extensive cross referencing (between the key terms) and a full index focused on the health implications of the various key terms. These two features would support browsability and repeated dipping into and skimming across the document.

The implementation of the project could also provide a useful opportunity for existing members of the PEH SIG to work together in identifying key terms, reviewing contemporary usage, and considering the implications of the terms (and the underlying phenomena) to health.

The final form that the resource might take (online, hard copy, or journal publication) is open for further consideration. 

Readers are begged to keep in mind that the pilot entries included in this document are first drafts designed to illustrate the concept. They will benefit from feedback and more work.

30 Aug 2022