My favourite sites

The WHO Tracker provides links to various issues discussed by WHO's governing bodies. The database is searchable enabling a chronology of different discussions to be followed.  

The People's Health Movement is a global network of organisations and networks seeking to address health and health care issues in ways that recognise both the local specificities and the wider political and economic forces which reproduce the global health crisis.  

Global Health Watch provides critical report and commentary regarding the struggle for health, locally, nationally and globally. New editions are produced every three years by a consortium of civil society groups coordinated by PHM. Topics covered include health care policy, the conditions which frame population health, and the wider political economy.  Chapter downloads at: GHW1, GHW2, GHW3, GHW4 and GHW5 and GHW6 (contents list).

The Political Economy for Health blogsite provides a platform for discussion of the applications of political economy to the struggle for health. (The People’s Charter for Health provides an overview of PHM’s analyses and objectives: the ‘struggle for health’).

The Rubicon Forest Protection Group is a community group centred on the Rubicon Valley in North-eastern Victoria who have mobilised around unsustainable logging in the Rubicon State Forest and related conservation issues.

The CDIH Archive was created to make accessible some of the major reports produced through the Community Development in Health project, later the Centre for Development and Innovation in Health in Victoria.