Diverse presentations

In this department I am posting occasional presentations which may be of wider interest. Please feel free to visit my You Tube channel also.


Confronting capitalism and imperialism in the struggle for health (Borderlands, 24 April 2024)

Covid Access Struggles, Globalisation as Context, the PHM Approach (Access IPHU September 2022)

Memories of Amit Sengupta (1958-2018) Full (18 mb)  Reduced (8mb) 

The political economy of health: introduction, resources and cases (Dec 2017)

The political economy of food systems in the era of neoliberal globalisation (Oct 2017)

Macroeconomics and the people's health (Sept 2017)

Medicines policy in the era of neoliberal globalisation (Oct 2017)

DRGs in Other Countries Harbin 17/9/17

Casemix funding in China: technical and strategic challenges Harbin 17/9/17

Health inequalities and food systems (Sept 2017)

WHO reform (World Congress on Public Health, 2017)-Video and PDF

The Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) (World Congress on Public Health 2017)-Video and PDF

Regulating TNCs including pharmaceuticals, is fundamental to achieving public health objectives (WCPH, 2017)-Video and PDF

Historical review of WHO and Global Health Policy (2014)

The global economy: a brief history (PPT, PDF, IPHU Bangalore, 2009) 

Bretton Woods, trade and health (PPT, PDF, IPHU Thessaloniki 2009)

Democratising global health governance (PPT, PDF, Geneva (launch of DGHI) 2010)

Globalisation and health (PPT, PDF, IPHU Cape Town 2012)

Globalisation as governance (PPT, PDF, IPHU Thessaloniki 2009)

Macroeconomics and health (PPT, PDF, IPHU Cape Town 2012)

Trade and health (PPT, PDF, IPHU Kisumu 2010

Globalisation at People's Health Assembly December 2000

Rethinking Our Own Practice (PHAA Conf Hobart 1998)